Blindly Mated to Badboy Alpha

Bosy Elselhdar Vampire/Werewolf

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She didn't mean to bump into the most dangerous bad boy in her school. she was already keeping herself hidden from those bastard werewolves.
She knew she wasn't like them. even though she was born to the warriors of the most powerful pack. even though she was holding a royal bloodline.
but she wasn't like them, she won't be able to shift. she was the weakest even though she wasn't omega.

But she was blind! and that was her bad day ever when all of the suffering started.

She didn't dream of her mate. she was sure he will reject her when he finds out how useless she was going to be.

Only being wolf helped her to use her nostril and her instinct to walk in the school pretending she was normal.
no one knew she was blind. because no one noticed her.
until that day...


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