My Fire Breather (Gargoyle Series Book 3)


Kiara Colón Fantasy

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After discovering as a kid that she was a dragon’s mate, Idalia had run away to the human world, condemning Thora, her gargoyle to be dormant for years. She had a job, friends and a handsome boyfriend who she loved. It was all calm and perfect, but what she didn’t know was that her mate who was now turning twenty one, had arrived to bring her back home.

Blaze was never able to get a mate at eighteen, and now with the pressure of being a future ruler of his kingdom, he knew he had to find her to rule by his side. Finding out who his mate was and that she had escaped, he travels to the human world, where he was told she lived, and decided to look for her.

What will happen when he finally finds her? Will she feel the bond getting strong or will she try to keep him away from her? It will be a challenge as they face an unexpected enemy and try to recruit an unlikely ally’s help.


Tags: matekickass heroinepowerfulbxgfemale leadmale leadroyalanother worlddragonsFantasy Romance Ⅱ Writing Contest
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Epilogue: To Our Future


   “Someone is in deep thoughts tonight,” Blaze said as he wrapped his arms around my waist while I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a white maternity dress, handmade by the servants. It made me feel beautiful.

   “I’m just happy. We saved everyone, we clo……