Not Gone, Just Forgotten

Lauren Astley Fantasy

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No-one could understand her. How could they, half the time she was running and the other half she was doubting who she was. Thats the main question, who was she?
Feyre Thompson is an unknown Werewolf, constantly on the run from packs as she crosses from border to border, what she doesn't expect is for someone to be waiting for her.

Kaden Jones, a ruthless hunter with a hidden secret. He's hiding, yet no one knows it. The struggle to hide who he is gets harder the longer he does it, but by meeting a new wolf, the knot of secrets starts to unravel.


Tags: WerewolfAlphaPossessiveSexReincarnationSecond ChanceKickass HeroineLunaQueenBxG
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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Feyre's POV

Problem made worse. 

I knew it was wrong to give him my name, but i felt compelled to do it. His eyes seemed so familiar, his scent something that I remembered maybe from before I was a rogue, before I had to hide myself from the world.

I was watching him, seeing what he would do next.

"What ar……