The Healer

Christelle de Smit Fantasy

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The Slate Hotel was built to provide a safe haven to supernatural visitors from other parts of the world, but also to give medical assistance to those desperate for it. It was a dream of one woman to have a place that was just that. A safe place to relax and feel home. To sleep without one eye open.
Christy Slate had that dream. She knows loss, hardship and death. She’s travelled across the sea only to return to her place of birth. Meeting people along the way who changes and challenges her life and abilities. She finds love in the most unimaginable place. Will he be able to heal her heart?
She gets thrown into a world of Vampire Princes, Lycans Guards and werewolves. Also, a side helping of witches and Sea Fairies. Some of them allies but she has an enemy in the darkness that is stalking her like a predator, observing her every move. It waits for the right moment to strike.


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