Sneaking into his heart


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***Warning: Dark romance with possibly triggering situations including dubious consent, strong language, and graphic violence

Lucia Keller
‘Adriano Cavarelli’ the most powerful and feared man in the country who single-handedly took control and ruled over the mafia world.
He has been the focus of my obsession for years.
I lived and breathed for him.
I dirtied my hands and indulged in all sorts of macabre schemes just so I could get close to him.
After years of striving, I succeeded.
Presenting myself to him as a wolf in sheep's clothing... a major key to expand his empire, warding off all his enemies.
Yet all this is just a pretense to cover my main objective, which is revenge.
I will stop at nothing until I have seen him dead.
But why is it that the closer I get to him, the more I'm unwilling to accomplish my task?
Still, it's too late to back down as the one thing Adriano doesn't tolerate... is betrayal.

Adriano Cavarelli
I lived in a world where you can only rely on your own hands to achieve what you want.
Ruthless, Merciless, Cruel, Monstrous... those characteristics were my companions on my road to secure the most powerful position for myself, and I'll always cling to them.
The people around were just pawns to be used, then discarded, trust never even being in the picture.
Then this girl came into my life and the very sight of her intrigued me, setting my nerves aflame.
I tried to stay away, only to grow more obsessed.
If avoiding her doesn't work, then I'll indulge... in her.
She will become the first person I ever placed my trust in.
She'd better always remain loyal to me otherwise, I will unleash hell.
I was never a good person, after all.


Tags: billionairerevengedarkpossessivekickass heroinedramatragedytwistedbetrayalvirgin
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