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Mate? I despise that idea! I am an Alpha! No one can dictate to me who to f**k, who to love, and who to spend the rest of my life with! Not even the Moon Goddess can do something about it. This is my life. I decide for myself, and I play by my own rules.
They said that finding your mate is the epitome of happiness, but not for me.
Not for Alpha Leonardo Cabello!
Leonardo Cabello is a Spanish-American descent werewolf and the eldest son of the legendary werewolf Maximiliano Cabello. In his 29 years of existence, all he did is to prove himself to his father and their allies that he deserves the Alpha position and can do better than anyone else.
This kind of life made him overlook the idea of finding his mate and made him start to hate having one. He detests the idea of mates because he prefers to be in control and f**k whoever he wants. Anytime, anywhere.
But when he received the wedding invitation from his ally and also a close friend, he has no idea that this invitation will put his life in chaos. That the invitation will lead him into finding his mate on the most beautiful and romantic island.
He is undecided if he will still go against the idea of having a mate or if he will surrender his principles and claim her. But claiming her is not going to be easy, for she is already with another man.
Will Leo fight for his claim or leave her be despite the strong pull of the mate bond?


Tags: darkpossessivefatedshifterdominantsweetbxgwerewolvesrealistic earthseductive
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