Vamp, Wolf, or Shifter?


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Quinn Price is your average high school senior—at least, until her parents die in a car accident and she is adopted by Aidan Roswell, the mysterious millionaire from a small town in Florida. Suddenly she’s surrounded by unnervingly handsome faces, strange looks, and even stranger behavior -- possibly even danger.

But who should she trust—Aidan’s smooth and charming son, Cooper? The dark, mysterious bad boy, Dean? Or her best friend from back home, Finn? And how will she react when she realizes paranormal forces are at work here—possibly even inside her?


“He kissed you?” he asks me in a voice as low and deep as his growl.

I feel bad for causing him pain—truly, I do.

But I don’t feel that bad, because if he really doesn’t want other boys kissing me, he should start doing it himself.

“Only for a second,” I reply. My voice is strained and breathy. When did he get so close to me? My heart is pounding. “Ten, at the most.”

Another growl. Somehow, he seems to make his way even closer to me without taking a single step. “Did you like it?”

I rack my brain for something clever to say, but in this moment, with him so close to me, as I ache to wrap my legs around him and cling to his giant, muscled body, I forget how to be clever. All I can do is be honest with him.

A little too honest.

“It lacked passion,” I breathe to him, my voice barely more than a whisper.


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In case I didn’t mention this earlier, my eighteenth birthday falls on the same day as the ceremony.

It’s not a coincidence; it was all part of the plan. (Okay, it was the only way to convince Dean we shouldn’t have the ceremony the moment we returned from Miami. But it worked!)

Dean, of course, is an angel from the moment I wake up ……


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