Starfire: Bellefonte Series, Book 2

Sonya Gammon Other

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Continuing the action started in "Starknight: Bellefonte Series, Book 1": Allison Pritchard is fighting to save the life of the star traveler she has bonded with while trying to figure out how to rescue twenty-one local girls from a fate worse than death. The best bet to bring about a successful rescue mission is first to assemble the scattered pieces making up the Spirit of Bellefonte, but the two beings trying to prevent her and the star traveler from completing their Quest have powers at their disposal that seem impossible to defeat. Her best friend is also at death's door and the forces working to imprison the star traveler are at the ready should he fail to stop the disintegration of his body. To save his life, Allison must make an unprecedented sacrifice. Will their bond be strong enough to save their own lives and the lives of everyone who is depending on them?


Tags: ActionAdventureParanormalSecond ChanceWeirdWarriorBxG
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Life went on for Allison, her fellow caretakers, and the girls. Every day brought fresh challenges, but triumphs outnumbered defeats more often as the weeks sped by.

The month of October was a turning point for everyone. Allison, Phil, Anne, and Vinny founded a nonprofit organization, “Bellefonte Girls Home.” The four adults started to pay……