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Married at 19 - Divorced at 21.
Trish Gonzalez was led to believe that she had successfully escaped her husband and started to live a normal decent life away from him. However, four years later Director Andrew Lopez reappeared and demanded her to fulfill her role as his legal wife.
What happened to their divorce?
How could she go back to a life of sorrow, uncertainty, and deceit?
Confusedly, she promised herself...
“Trisha, you should not believe the word of a deceitful man. Dr. Andrew Lopez was the last man you should trust. A simple lady like you will never be enough for someone like him.”
She decided to do everything to find solid ground and file for another divorce.
Will she find out the truth about their marriage?
Or she would find out how she misjudged the handsome neurosurgeon?

Excerpt from one of the chapters.
“We can talk here, let me anchor you to the conference area.” Trish offered to Andrew when he demanded time to have a serious conversation with her.
“No! It cannot be discussed here.” Andrew told her seriously, his flaming grey eyes gazed on her intensely.
“Why not here?” she asked innocently.
“We need to talk outside, Trish. Unless you want them to know that you are still married,”


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On the day of the wedding...

“Thank you for arranging this one, Brad,” Andrew whispered. Josh stood next to him, looking as dashing as Andrew as they waited for the bride to show herself on the beautifully decorated entrance of the ballroom of a known hotel.

The entire ballroom was transformed into a romantic wedding venue with hangi……


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