Destined to the Alpha Prince

Gezhery Vampire/Werewolf

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Her name is Lyra Summer, the new girl in Poris Town which she doesn't know that all people that surround her were werewolves. The persons she wanted to see ever since she was young. The place that other human included into this town because they knew the truth, and her family who have been friend to the royal family who had different bloods from all wolves. Lyra didn't expect that she will be mated into the Alpha Prince as she steps her feet into their land.


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C H A P T E R 30:


My eyes flew opened, as I catch my breath like I haven't been breathe within a month.


I scan my surroundings and a relief sigh escape my mouth when I saw Chase sleeping besides me.


Touching his arm with my index finger, the tingles that I've felt when he touched me for the fir……