Sold to the Billionaire Alpha


Joanna J Paranormal

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I awoke in a cage, not a cell, a literal cage fashioned for some over-grown bird. The cage was in a dimly lit cellar. All around me were other girls in other cages. Most of them were sleeping or just unconscious, probably chloroformed just like I had been. I called to a red-haired, freckled girl near to me. She was one of the few who were awake.
“Hey! Do you know where we are?” I asked, trying not to dissolve into tears.
“In the holding bay,” she said in a tone that was much more knowledgable than I had expected.
“Do you know why we’re here?” I said, gripping the bars of my cage.
“For the auction,” the girl said matter-of-factly.
“I’m Orchid,” I said, hoping introducing myself would make her more willing to talk. She seemed to know a lot.
“Rose,” she said.
“We’re both flowers,” I said softly, finding common ground.
She smiled sadly. “We’ve been plucked,” she joked, reaching for humour in the darkest of times. I instantly liked her.
I smiled. “Hopefully we don’t wilt,” I said. I took a deep breath.
“Who would buy us?” I asked, afraid of the answer.
She looked at me strangely. She came closer. I noticed she had a thick silver collar or choker of some sort that seemed to be irritating the skin on her neck. Her eyes widened. She gasped. “You’re human,” she whispered, looking at my bare neck.

Sold to the Billionaire Alpha by Joanna J
Orchid is overworked and burnt out. She's a young doctor paying off student loans and her parents' debt. When her abusive boyfriend and her thankless job both replace her, she feels totally lost. She has mere seconds to feel this way though because mere moments later, she is abducted for the auction and sold to the highest bidder, the billionaire alpha who ordered her in the first place.


Tags: billionairealphadarkkidnaparranged marriagematelunabxgwerewolvessecrets
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Epilogue: OOOOO-O-verjoyed

Epilogue: OOOOO-O-verjoyed 


“I feel like an elephant,” laughed Rose.

“If you’re an elephant, then I’m a whale!” Exclaimed my Orchid.

My Luna was glowing. I helped her into a seat. She leant back and sighed.

“How far along are you again?” Asked Rose.

“Eleven mon……


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