The Billionaire's Secret

Kanchan Maurya Romance

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Kara and Daniel, the two love birds, had been in love ever since they didn't even understand the real meaning of love. But the unexpected events in Kara's life pulled Daniel more and more close to her. He vowed to protect her with his life, and she became the Billionaire's secret.

Love is a panacea that can heal anything, irrespective how big and deep the scars are. Though Kara had a terrible past but with Daniel beside her, she was trying to win the battle. The hope and the light that he brought in her life made her fell for him. Deep and hard. He was the silver lining in her clouded life.

Both go through many ups and downs to stay together.

But would their love survive over the evils? What would happen when the evil returns in their life? Would the circumstances let them live together? Or they would surrender their love in front of the demons of the past?

How would Daniel protect his love? To what extent he would go to save his secret?

And Kara. Was she willing to give her past away? Or would she break when her past comes in front of her?

But everything comes with a price. Were Kara and Daniel ready to pay the price?

Would the Billionaire be able to protect his secret?


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