The Billionaire's Secret

Kanchan Maurya Billionaire

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"How can you make me feel this way? Do you know how much I want you? How I always craved for you?" Daniel whispered after coming back to her lips. He leaned into the crook of her neck and nibbled her earlobe. "Your sweet smell, your skin, and your touch—everything about you is driving me nuts. It makes me want more. I need you to touch me more."

She quivered under him.

She wanted him to stop.

She wanted him to do more.

She wanted . . .
Kara exploded like a firecracker. She jerked her eyes open, fighting for breath and then swallowed a huge lump as she comes down from heaven.

She was burning . . .

Burning in his love . . .

Burning in his desire . . .
She tilted her head to look upwards as a fresh drop of tear made its way from the corner of her eyes. "If it's too late, tell him, I really loved him."


Kara and Daniel, the two love birds, has been in love ever since they didn't even understand the real meaning of love. But the unexpected events in Kara's life pulled Daniel more and more close to her. He vowed to protect her with his life, and she became THE BILLIONAIRE'S SECRET. His wife.

But destiny has its own plan. How would Daniel protect his love? To what extent he would go to save his secret?

Will the Billionaire be able to protect his secret?

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