Yoncé Suspense/Thriller

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"I need to find her! Where is she?!" I snarled at the woman in front of me.
"She's in the Northern forest side."
"Shit! How am I supposed to get there in time?!" I growled.
"I don't know. But you need to get there today. You have five hours left. So I suggest you go now."
"five hours. Yeah five hours I got it. And with that I sprinted to the northern side of the forest along with a group of guys and girls."

Tyler Coll used to be a fun, loving and care-free young girl who was loved and appreciated by everyone around her..... Until there was a rogue attack which changed her life forever; her pack, family and brothers gone. She decided to go rogue when it was too much to take, only to be brought back into another pack, one that treats her as a slave and abuses her. She is a rare & powerful white wolf but doesn't know it......yet.
Read to find out how she goes through a life filled with love, Power, and pain.

I started writing this story when i was fourteen years old so don't mind the errors and grammar of the story....I just started writing for fun so it's not perfect.


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