The Heroes of Armagh

Lost in love Fantasy

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Many years ago the land Armagh was a rich and fertile land, but after a great war beeen an evil guild of magicians and the king most magic disappeared and the land has been slowly withering since.

The current king does nothing the make things better, but the princess knows things has to change. When she learns that the magic in the land comes from a tree, a tree now in great danger of dying, she acts.

She gathers a small group of people. All special individuals who still possesses magic. All troubled in different ways, shunned, feared, outcast or hidden from a society that fears them.

One of them carries a great secret. One will discovers the truth about his/hers family. One finally gets what he/she always desired, but ends but losing something far more precious. One has to take a leap of faith, to decide if they will fail or succeed. And One unlikely hero grows to his full potential.

But are they enough to save the land from the gathering darkness ? And can they safe themself ?


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