His Doll

Artemisia Romance

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I am standing in front of the mirror only on my red skirt and blouse. He is wearing me a red saree. Tears are flowing from my eyes like nigra falls. After wearing me the saree, he sit me down in front of the mirror and started wearing me jewellery. He applied red lipstick on my lips and said seductively," you look very fuckable in red colour".
I said crying," please. Let me see my brother. He is very sick. Let me go to the hospital for once". Hearing me, he slapped very hard on my face and fisted my hair tightly. He said anger dripping from his voice," you dare to talk back. Did you just forget your place in front of me. Tell me who you are? Tell me whom you belong?"
I hissed in pain and said, " i am your doll. I only belong to you. I am only yours".

Warning- It's a drak romance novel. There will be r**e scen, violence scene and also t*****e scene. Read at your own risk.


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