Alpha Twins for Mate ✅ (Romano Series #1)


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"Such a good little omega..." Edward whispered, his voice raspy and deep and with a new found motivation she sucked harder at him, rolling her tongue around his hard rock c**k ide her mouth.

She felt the burns on her knees for she had been sitting on them for a while and she was sure that her knees will turn red.

"Edward don't be selfish put her on the bed." She heard someone growl and she turned around to look and moaned when she saw Ethan with his hand wrapped around his giant c**k and staring at her with his dark eyes.

She choked as Edward roughly thrusted his length into her and she swallowed him till his tip hit the back of her throat and while breathing through her nose. Edward had his eyes closed then he pulled her by her hair and then made her stand up from the position she was sitting in.

The Romano - Edward and Ethan are the most powerful alphas of the pack and members of council.

After surviving the attack on her pack, Leah flees and lands in a new town and applies for an assistant job only to realise that her bosses are her mates and one of her mates hate her.

Leah also finds out that someone wants to kill her.

Will they accept her as her mate? Or will she forever be rogue? And who is trying to kill her? Will they save their mate


Tags: alphalove-trianglepossessivesexpolyamorykidnaparrogantdominantsubmissiveomegalunatwistedbxg
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