Naked and Bound (18+)

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Victoria Reed was locked inside her father's house for twenty-seven years with no neighbors, no televisions, no maids. Except for Granny Paula. Gran was Victoria's tutor from everything. Politics, arts, musical, culinary, name it. She was her world. But even Granny Paula wasn't meant to stay for the lifetime.

But Gran didn't leave Victoria alone. She left her with last two gifts.

Her new breathing and manly toys.


Not 18? Think again.


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Tags: DarkPossessivePolyamoryOpposites AttractKinkyGoodgirlGentleWeirdTragedySweet
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It only just began.

Victoria stared intently at her new toys.

One kneeling in front of her, hands bound behind his back, and mouth gagged. Her toy stared back at her with trusting blue eyes as she touched his right cheek softly, letting him know with her eyes how much he pleases her.

She noticed a tiny crystal of saliva tra……