A light In Her Darkness

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Ava has always been broken, she has had a life of hell. A life of hurt, pain, abuse and being abandoned. She hates herself...everything about herself. She finds it hard to trust. The people who were meant to love her, be the ones to protects her were the ones who causes her the most pain. She has always believed that she is broken beyond being fixed but that all changes when Dylan appears in her life.

Dylan is sweet, caring and a guy with a heart of gold. From the moment he meets Ava he knows she is broken, senses she has hard life and from the moment he laid eyes on her he had a strong urge to protect her at any cost.

“Ava just because you are broken that does not mean you can’t be put back together…you don’t need to stay broken.” he said, his eyes looking right into mine

Ava never knew at the time those words would change her life for ever and for the best but it is not easy.

WARNING: Story includes an eating disorder, self-harm and mention of abuse...sexually, physical and mental abuse


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A light in my darkness

Ava’s P.O.V

“One more push Ava.” The midwife said to me “One more and your baby will be here.” She added

I had been in labour for nearly twenty hours and now it was finally time for us to meet our baby girl. Dylan was by my side, holding my hand, there was no way he was going down there to see what was going on. Yes it is the most ……