Querencia World Book3: The Mystery of The Mermaid Fortress

January Garneth Fantasy

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The story of Miara, one of the essential characters in my Querencian story as follows;

My Unexpected King (Book 1)
The Princess Who Tame The Villian (Book 2)
The Mystery of The Mermaid Fortress (Book 3)

If you are willing to discover the quest to the Querencian World, follow me as a writer to read all my works.


I am Miara, the descendants of Maiden Louverielle, for her throne pass to me when she died.

The sole reasons we sing to enchant men and attract them in our Fortress; it creates noises that scattered like wildfire rumors in the whole Kingdom and the neighboring Kingdom.

Humans thoughts that mermaids are few like vampires, and we are maintaining our few kinds, but they are wrong. The sea is massive as much as the land.

The King and Queen of Land hailed different King and Queens, leaders, and so we are.

The Mermaids each have territories, and I am the Maiden of the Forbidden Forest. I am Miara, and I consider myself the most beautiful and powerful out of all the three Maidens that exist. They are Maidens that reigns in the Enchanted Forest, Human World, and my world Forbidden Forest.

This about our story, our World, and the revelation of the past


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