The Twin Alphas and I


Stephanie King Romance

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Dare to be a teen-Meet my Hybrid Girl
Seventeen year old Denver is a hybrid wolf who has come to accept her new life in the supernatural world. After almost loosing her life in a war with her grandfather she is finally at peace with her boyfriend Jack Brook who is the next Alpha of Brookville
But things go astray when his rakish and irresponsible twin brother Ash, returns back to town and Denver finds herself falling in love with him.
What would happen to Denver would she leave her new found mate to be with his brother? Or is fate so cruel to her that she is stuck with both Alphas?
And what happens when old enemies come back in full revenge to ruin Denver and her loved ones? Is this the moment Denver would unveil her full potential as a hybrid?
Continued from Book 1: Moonlight Love


Tags: revengealphalove-trianglesexfatedbadboylunabxgwerewolvesseductiveStary Writing Academy III
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Sixty eight


“He is the one.” Rachel said as soon as they had gotten into a quiet room.

“What?” I asked her confused.

“He Is the one.” Rachel repeated as she went to open the one and peep through it.

“Who is the one?” I asked with all impatience. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Rachel came back to me.


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