Sold My Virginity To The Alpha

Bosy Elselhdar Vampire/Werewolf

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"I said No one are allowed to make friendships with the other kingdoms! and you didn't obey my orders!" King ace was groaning and my dad was chained down his feet begging and sobbing weakly.

I was there in the back, I wanted to do anything to help my dad, He was my everything. I was living by him and for him.
I wasn't hesitated to make a move, But my father asked me to do not interfere and hide. But I couldn't stand as paralyzed anymore especially when The king Ace hollered in his graving tone "Take him to the dungeon and torture him!"

I hurriedly ran to my father and hugged him and yelled "No please, don't. I will do anything for my father. please take me instead of him."

King Ace stared at me and pulled me up, He was tall and his grip was too strong. He leaned into my face and mumbled "And what can you do for your father?"
Everyone made fun of me and laughed loudly.
But not King Ace, he was glaring at me with softening eyes... I gulped nervously "I... I will give you..." I paused and he nodded waiting patiently to hear my deal.
I bravely finally said, "I will give you my virginity, Your Highness."
He surprisingly leaned to my ear and whispered "no, baby, Your offer is denied."

I gasped and knelt down his feet pleading to him "Please... Please.... ask for anything."

The king Roared and pulled me to stand up on my feet "DON'T EVER BEG! EVER! Helena!"
I was shocked, I didn't expect that he knew my name. I was nothing and unnoticed at all. Could it be his supernatural powers?!


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