Jaded Anchor: The Hunter


Ashlee O Cryer Fantasy

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This is the third book of the Jaded Anchor Trilogy. This is a stand alone book, but if you've read the first two then you will get to see your favorites randomly throughout this book.

Adira Selene Blakesley is the youngest of the Blakesley siblings, not to mention the only girl. Her life has been much like a soap opera, between all the drama her bothers had caused with their love lives. She had no plans on following in their footsteps. She planned to marry a nice man from a neighboring pack that would strengthen her own pack. She would be the one child who made her father proud. At twenty-one she had her entire future mapped out, that was until she met Theo Bryant.

Theo Ansel Bryant was born into a family of wolf hunters. He had been trained his entire life to kill the monsters he believed they were. He had been warned not to fall for the innocence of their human forms. When his family moved to a small town in South Alabama in pursuit of a large wolf pack, Theo knew he would run into a wolf at some point. He hadn’t expected to be enticed by one. From their first unconventional meeting he had been under Adira's spell.

The two of them shouldn’t be together, but he couldn’t stop seeing her. It was a dangerous game they were playing. Would it end up destroying them and everything they love?


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Chapter Eleven - Adira

Adira was looking forward to family dinner, she would be looking forward to it more if Luca hadn’t been invited. He had been through, why wouldn’t he be? He was her fiancé after all. Her fingers scraped her scalp harder than actually needed. Her frustration over her messed-up life was coming out on her poor head. She knew what she had to do, but……