Day and her Knight

A.W.R Vampire/Werewolf

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This isn't your average new girl story. When Davia tries to befriend the freak of the school she hears the word of terrifying rumours surrounding him, how could it be? Will he accept her or will he become only a whisper from her lips along the rumour chain?


Tags: StalkerWerewolfSecond ChanceSensitiveStudentSingle MotherBeastDramaSweetBxG
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Chapter 43 Epilogue

Bright rays gently shine through the windows on a peaceful morning as the Chickadees chirp softly on the snowy branches. In the room Davia lays in her bed, nestled under the covers and holding one of her pillows.

Her eyes slowly open to the morning light as she lets out a soft yawn, slowly sitting up and rubbing her eyes. She looks to ……