The Flame & The Phoenix - All The Gods Among Us - Part 1 & 2

JBSebastian Paranormal

2006 reads

So many questions and thoughts swirling out of control. So many souls interined with her own. She felt a haunting calling from a past that seemed only a blink of time away. It was screaming, warning, trying to make Katt remember who she was and where her relevance should lie. Was she simply a Soul Keeper with an accidental reincarnation with her own soul’s mate? Was this significant timing of the Cosmos to break a curse she didn’t understand? Sanders had told Kat the story so many times, her past, the reason for all that was going on but Jonathan had never been a factor. Who was he and why?


Tags: darklove-trianglesexreincarnation/transmigrationfatedcursemateGirlpower Revenge Writing Contest
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