The Ultimate Hybrid (Maliha & Rykers Tale)

K.M Streamer Vampire/Werewolf

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I smash my lips to hers and our kiss grew from soft to more of a need. It gets harder and my pants are about to bust at the seams. I lift her shirt over her head and look down, oh wow she is amazing. Her breast are so perfect and her stomach is fit. She has her own little six pack going on. I reach around her back and grab onto her bra and release it. I pull down the straps and let her breast out. I reach up and cup them, kissing her neck I work my way down. I reach her breast and take one in my mouth while still caressing the other one with my hand. I take her nipple between my teeth and nip a little bit......

As Maliha had to leave her mother and home, she eventually found a new one. Unaware that it is her future mate, she takes refuge in his pack. Growing stronger and more beautiful then anyone ever thought imaginable. She finds her mate, a new family, comes into her abilities, but does she win the war. Come on the adventure and find out.


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Chapter 61

Maliha's POV

     I look up at them with a confused look on their face. My mom smiles at me and looks at her mate, my father. 

"Maliha, we stopped you cause if anyone other then us open that door, they will be severely hurt or could die. Your father and I put a spell on this door……