The Ultimate Hybrid (Maliha & Rykers story)

Kattness 85 Fantasy

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Maliha is a little girl when she and her godmother had to abandon their home. A great evil has taken over, and her family and kingdom were not able to defeat this great evil. Aliha sent her daughter away with her godmother to save her life and give her a chance to become the hero she know she can be and save the kingdom. There are going to be many twist and turns in this adventure. Maliha will grow up and find her mate, make many mistakes and fall in love. Will she be able to defeat this great evil or will it in the end defeat her after all.

This is my first book and I have many ideas lets jus hope I can put them on the page like I vision it. Enjoy


Tags: ActionAdventureMurderVampireWerewolfSexKidnapFamilyPackFriends to LoversHighschool
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Chapter 37

Maliha's point of view

    Arm in arm as Ryker and I walk to the back door that leads to the back yard. As he opens the door for me, I think I lost my breath for a few mins. As I look around I see so many people. There are more then just our pack here, there are other packs of every fae here. I look back at Ryker and he sm……