By Your Side

Sara Islam ChickLit

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Isn't it amazing for you and your childhood best friend to attend college together? That's what Emma and Mila thought, not knowing that college days held a lot for them. What they had in mind was nothing like what they faced in reality.

Mila has always been the extrovert, wise and reliable one while Emma was the introvert and naïve one. Despite their differences, the two girls had a strong friendship and an amazing bond that many people wished for.

When Emma starts hanging with her new group of friends at college, her friendship with Mila will go downhill and no matter what Mila does, Emma won't listen to her best friend.

Things will get worse between the two girls and their friendship will get tested in many ways. Will their friendship stay strong?


Tags: CampusSecond ChanceGoodgirlGentleSunshineSensitiveStudentDramaSweet
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