Fuck, I Fell For The Bad Boy

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Brady Jacobs is new to Newton Lake high but has heard how undeniably, heart wrenchingly, stomach twistingly and death defyingly cliché everything is. So it was no surprise that the bad boy of the school Royce Tracy fell for him. He'd always had a thing about liking "pretty boys" and did his best to stay clear of them but there was no avoiding Royce. With the help of Brady's best friend Melissa, Royce is able to find out Brady's interests to impress him. But how long can Brady resist the charm of the bad boy?


Tags: Opposites AttractFriends to LoversManipulativeBadboyGentleDramaSweetBxB
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Chapter 26: It's okay now.

I walked into the kitchen where my mom was washing dishes and pulled her from it. I didn't say shit even though she began to shout at me to let her go. I'd gotten sick of everything what was happening because of both my parents assumptions. Alicia and Cara were trying to get dad home and I was in the process of getting mom……