The Dragon and the Hybrid

Seaweediswild Fantasy

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In the Land of Dragon shifters and Dragon riders, there are also humans that exists within the kingdom. Equal by law but not really. The beautiful Draconi are ruling the land with an iron fist and humans are just existing with them.

Mariusi has been overthrown by his sister. Sold to another land where he is turned in to a gladiator slave. Wanting nothing but revenge agat the throne that easily overthrew him while he buys his freedom once again and came back to the land of the Draconi, half dead.

Rogan and her family have problems of their own. She’s of dragon blood but only half of it is pure. She can’t shift nor can she tame wild dragons in the volcanic mounta, but she has the rare gift of fire. Her human mother and dragon rider of a father kept both of her and her brother safe by being nomadic healers on the outskirts of the country, but their peaceful lives are turned upside down when they help a half dying man on the road.

Is he going to use her as a weapon and reclaim back his thrown? Or would she just burn him to protect her family? Would the both of them ignore their feelings and fate that put them together agat all odds?


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