Alpha's Allure (Auria Alpha's Book 1)

Emma Mountford Paranormal

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The millennium long war that had ravaged the galaxy had not only destroyed earth it had changed many of the Races at a cellular level. No longer just Male and Female , everyone is now categorised as either Alpha, Omega or Beta.

Slavery became the new trade of choice with the rare Omega’s the most prized commodity in the universe.

Blair knew her place , as an Omega slave to a Beta master she had known real pain and humiliation in her short life but the rebellious streak never quite left her, no matter how many beatings her master gave her.

Hades had been searching for his Mate his entire adult life, the one Omega who was soul linked to him. He just didn’t expect to find her enslaved to a man who wasn’t even an Alpha. Letting the urge to claim her overtake his common sense Hades risks everything, including his pla in his quest to keep her.


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