Racing Hearts: Will the Actress Marry Him?


ID Johnson Romance

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Can a movie star fall in love with a racecar driver and find her happily ever after? Not if his ex-girlfriend has anything to say about it!

Andrea Sparks isn’t looking for love when she runs into famous racecar driver Case Meyer on the way home for Christmas, but when bad weather forces them to spend time trekking across country together, she starts to think maybe he could be the one for her.

Unfortunately, Case used to date Sarah Lockton, Andrea’s sworn enemy, and it’s clear Sarah isn’t done messing with both of their lives. Will Andrea and Case find a way to overcome Sarah’s attempts to thwart their happiness, or will Sarah manage to keep them apart forever?

Andrea couldn’t let him kill her. She couldn’t let Sarah win. She knew that Cam or someone would come to see why she wasn’t resurfacing soon, especially if Sven didn’t come up either. Her lungs were completely empty, and the desire to take a breath was overwhelming as her head swam and became fuzzy.

With all of her remaining strength, Andrea pulled back her fist and punched Sven in the jaw. His head moved backward, and the mouthpiece to the scuba tank came free. Andrea managed to grab it and take a deep breath, which reenergized her enough to continue the fight. Now, Sven would have to fight for air.

He wasn’t about to let her keep the apparatus, though. He let go with one hand to try to snatch it from her, his thick fingers digging into her side. Andrea took advantage of him letting to and kicked as hard as she could, sucking in another draw of air. She was almost in camera range. If someone was watching the monitors, which she knew they’d have to be, they’d see she needed help.

She kicked Sven again, and he let go. Andrea’s instincts aid to propel herself up and over, which she did. Her head hit the bottom of the faux ship hard enough to rock it. Stars filled her field of vision, but she had to keep fighting. The apparatus came free from her mouth, but she knew the camera could see her now. Still fighting, she tried to take another stroke toward the ladder. She could see it, but it seemed so far away. A strong hand clamped down behind her, grabbing her ankle.

Racing Hearts: Will the Actress Marry Him? is created by ID Johnson, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


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Chapter 229: Epilogue

“And the award for Best Actress goes to… Andrea Sparks Meyer!”

She could hardly believe her ears! Finally, after years of waiting for her turn, she was the winner of the greatest award one could receive—Best Actress!

Carefully, Andrea got up out of her seat, one hand on her bulging belly, as Case kissed her on the l……


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