Fight To Live


Healer Romance

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Sierra a seventeen year old teenager is out on search a tragedy taken place 13 years ago destroyed her happy family and she is out on search for justice for her family and revenge for destroying her childhood.
A girl who became her own knight in shining armor with the protection of her adoptive father but hiding her past. On her search for those culprits she brings justice to many other victims.

But the question is victims of what?
Will she be able to get justice when people surrounding her are trying to protect her from everything?
Can she when she starts having strong feelings for someone?
To find out what happens to Sierra on her search for justice join me.


Tags: revengeindependenttragedybxgWriting Academy
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Third Person POV

The Father was still watching Sierra with a stunned expression because he couldn't believe that a small girl like her would have this type of thinking as he saw her this came in his mind that this girl would become really wise in near future.

"See you are thinking that I am really bad right?", S……