My Second Chance

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Life is truly weird and fate has a cruel sense of humor. Ever since I've married Andrew my life hasn't been the same. Years after I've divorced him it still changes for me. My life is just a rollercoaster with no direction at all and never-ending betrayals of people around me. Extract:
"I love you, Bella. I loved you since the moment I saw you. You.. You intrigue me. I don't how and why but I haven't felt like this for anyone else other than Alayna. I truly love you" he says.
If it would've been the old me I would've been running into his arms but I'm not going to fall for his stupid confessions. All these years have taught me well.
"Well!" I start not having any intention to let go of his crimes yet,
"What if you get to know that Alayna is alive and was true to you? I mean she hasn't cheated on you? Will you still love me or you'll go back to her? I'm not being jealous over here. I'm just being practical." I say knowing that it is true.
"No matter what I still love you Isabella" he says. Too bad I don't.
"Even if Alayna comes in front of you?" I question as he stares at me in disbelief.
"But isn't she dead?" he asks becoming cold and rigid.
"What if I say she isn't?" I ask as he stares at me with those hypnotic eyes making me want to be with him forever. Something which will happen only for a few years if I say yes.


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Chapter 26


Why doesn't everyone understand how difficult it is to think whether to tell Andrew the truth or not? Because even I can suggest anyone be out with the truth just like ripping off a band-aid. But, I need to think about my son. 

He's so young and any person I introduce him to at this age will make a heavy impression on……