The Royal Fae- Astra (book 1)


Blue Moon Fantasy

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Just a normal young woman trying to get away from a bad break up, she heads home to find herself.
Having always felt like she didn’t fit in that she was removed from reality is it really a surprise when she finds out this isn’t her at all?
Finding herself thrust into a supernatural world that she had forgotten existed. This world is filled with so much pain, suffering, loss, fairies, witches and magical creatures but can love and family out weigh it all?
Can finding her true self make her finally feel whole?
Follow Astra into the unknown as she becomes the person she was always meant to be!


Tags: fatedsensitivewitch/wizardprincessroyalty/noblefairy/faerydramabxgroyalweak to strong
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Chapter 38

Astras pov
“You have a twin sister”
I look in disbelief at the woman in the door way she has long brown hair, curvy and about the same height as me but instead of green eyes like mum and I she has light icy blue eyes.
“This is your twin sister Nova and her fiance Jupe”
“The queen of the sky fae” Her voice is lace……