The Ancient Packs Bride


D N Blake Paranormal

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In the silver tooth pack, the only daughter to the alpha was promised to another.
When she is told that she would have to go to another pack to marry the soon to be Alpha she isn’t happy.
Werewolf’s would normally be with their mates but Eliza Jones hasn’t had the chance to find her mate as she is only 17.
Eliza tries to change her father’s mind but in order to keep the promise between friends or risk war, Eliza must marry The Blood Moon Pack’s Alpha’s son.
Go with Eliza on her journey and find out what she learns and what secrets she uncovers.


Tags: alphaarranged marriageindependentlunabxgmysterypacksupernature earthspecial abilitypunishmentWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest Ⅱ
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