Wild Deception


greatfairy Romance

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Liberty Parreño has proven that women really could do more than dancing in a 10-inch high heels. She can run down perps without breaking a heel. She can outwit any type of bad guys at perilous situations. She will do everything for justice however dangerous it may seem. Guess, it's perfectly fine, that's her job as an undercover agent in a high-profiled detective agency---the M&C Detectives.

Theo Montreal is a perfect definition of every woman's dream. He's one of the most sought bachelors in town. However, he's not just an ordinary well-coiffed billionaire with expensive loafers--- he's more than that. He got dark secrets you wouldn't want to know. He's ruthless and only care about his wealth. Above all, he's a technopath. He can decode and track down very detailed information he wish to know.

One mission.

One fateful day.

Their paths crossed.

Played by fate, Liberty was left with no choice but to use her feminine wiles against Theo Montreal to accomplish her mission. But what will happen when both of them, for the first time, find a strange feeling they never thought they would feel for each other?




How will the love grow despite everything in between?




Tags: billionairespy/agentpossessivedominantCEObosstwistedbxgoffice/work placehigh-tech world
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Although Theo's face held an aristocratic bearing, it did not make him less good-looking. He was sharply-dressed in Armani suit—as if this day is the most special day of his life. His eyes were fixed on hers. Liberty was extremely riveted by everything that was happening. She lost the right words to say. Her tears just……


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