The Signet Ring


A.M Caneda Fantasy

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" Okay, I now understand. I have to die because only by being reborn I can achieve a greater state, a state that can contain the ring's fullest power, in that way, I can defeat Asmodai", Cassandra said to the phoenix, reiterating what it just told her to let it see that she gets what is it saying. The phoenix joyfully landed on her lap while Cassandra places her finger on its beak.
" But is dying not as painful as your peck?", she asks gently caressing the bird. The Phoenix just chirps in response.
" Okay I get it the rebirth process is more crucial than dying, but I have to surpass this perilous gap between death and life because I'm their Queen", Cassandra said, tears swelling in her eyes.
In a land of Velaris, the most coveted thing is not the crown for power rests not in the crown but on the signet ring. But the ring isn't a thing they could just get from a drawer and pass as an inheritance. It has a mind of its own. It cannot be tame. It chooses its master. It's a favor to earn. A power to possess.
And so they train every young girl and boy from every tribe to become worthy of the ring.
What would they give to be chosen by the ring?
Yet, could the ring be just waiting for the rebirth of its one true master?


Tags: dominantpowerfulbitchindependentconfidentqueendramano-coupledeityrebirth/rebornStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Seven months have passed after that chaos with Arin, and now they're here again staring...standing before their mom's statue. Nothing had changed, it's still the same statue of Cassandra whom they used to look at before.
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