He is the Bad Wolf

CC Elles Paranormal Urban

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"The witch has promised the wolf she so desperately loves a heart to break the curse without knowing he is planning rip it out from her chest."

When Sia first opened her eyes she found herself surrounded by destruction and death. Sia died 500 years ago and had been reborn without knowing why. The only thing she knew was that she must find the wolf who betrayed and murdered her. And he was alive, in this strange world. Sia would find him, no matter what.

Gideon committed a terrible crime. He had to fulfill his mission to protect his pack from certain death. What was taking a life if he could save all his people? What was earning a place in hell if he could give his clan immortality? But who he hurt so many centuries ago had come back to life and was out for revenge. She was coming for him.

A witch thirsty for revenge roamed the ru of the world after being struck by the apocalypse caused by evil forces. A werewolf who had betrayed the witch to whom he had promised his heart and eternal love, came to rip it from his chest. Theirs was a tragic love and their fate a curse.


Tags: revengealphareincarnation/transmigrationkickass heroinewitch/wizardtwistedpackspecial abilitydystopianFantasy Romance Ⅱ Writing Contest
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