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With, two weeks left until his 20th birthday, Grey must find his mate, otherwise his father will have him marry someone he doesn’t love. And that is something he will not do.

So at the annual ball, when a new family of alphas join the small town of Moonwane, Grey finally finds his mate. Except, there’s a problem, well two, to be exact.
1. His mate is a male.
2. His mate is an alpha. Just like him.

Of course, we can’t forget Jem and his take on this. That is, if he was even aware of what would happen to him and his family once they moved to this town

Throw in a lot of drama, the towns complicated history, the curse that only few know of as well as everyone else’s drama. It will sure be a difficult whirlwind of emotions for everyone at Moonwane.


Tags: alphaopposites attractfriends to loversdramabxbmysterysmall townenemies to loverslonely
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Hello, everyone, I just wanted to let you know the reasons I am MIA.

1. I have so many deadlines in the next week that I've barely focused on my personal writing.

2. Fun fact: I had to write a separate short story in the 3rd pov, for a project. It turns out, my writing is so much better in the 3rd pov, so I plan to rew……


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