A Slave to the Dragon King


DragonRider4 Fantasy

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The Kingdom of Ignis Draconis. Former Kingdom of Surrexit autem et Leonem. A very powerful kingdom. A kingdom known for three things. The first, a reputation of nearly perfect combat. The second, a secret weapon. A weapon so powerful that it is only known to army of the kingdom. A weapon which gives the kingdom an advantage on the battlefield. The third, a feud of which has been going on for the past six years. How can one girl earn her freedom in her life of servitude? And what is the secret that the kingdom is hiding?


Tags: love-trianglepossessiveforcedmanipulativeprincemaidroyalty/nobledramabxg
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"'These lands were made by free people and free people will live in it. To take away one's born right of freedom is an atrocity against the human race and the people of the land. Slavery, tyranny, and oppression are not tools to use to rule a kingdom and those who would use them...dragon fire will burn.' Those were King Scott Draconis' wo……