Bred In Violence (A Mafia Romance) Completed

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'Tell me who hurt you?" It was a command. I could have been afraid and probably told the whole of my traumatic childhood but I shook my head. There was no way I was telling him my darkest secrets. "I will find out..I always find out cara" he mumbled. But I doubted even he could guess my father was responsible for my nightmares. He stared at me, and I stared right back at him. "You have freckles" I whispered lifting my right hand to touch his face.

"Do I?" His voice was husky. He turned his face slightly towards my hand noting the taut set of his bold profile. His jaw was set granite hard, but his eyes turned soft. He leaned closer hesitating for a second. I knew he was giving me a chance to avoid his kiss.


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Chapter Forty

For love to eliminate pain is to waste it, for it is love alone that possesses sufficient force to bend pain against everything that would break us

~Craig D. Lousbrough~


I was woken up by a sharp pain in my stomach,too painful I thought I was dying. I couldn't move, each time I tried pain……