Billionaire's Savior


Ankita Kundu Romance

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I laid on the grass and staring at the sky. It was a full moon night. Thousands of stars were reflecting in the dark blue sky like diamonds. I wish I could stop the time and stay here as long as I want. My mood was sour thinking to go back to my home, leaving him. At the moment, I heard footsteps coming in my direction. I knew who would that be. I said, "Come. Layby my side." He laid down beside me.
After some time, he asked, "Why did you save me?"
I said, "It was not your time to leave. You are lucky to get a second chance."
They didn't know it was just the beginning of a new journey.
Rika didn't know her new friend Will, a billionaire. As she came to know him, she chose to stay friends. When the attraction is mutual, you have to give in. Can they stand each other when the time comes?


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