Dangerous Temptation

Hei Cue Romance

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Rome never wanted anything else but to please his surrogate father, the man who had kept him when the world turned its back on him. Promising to do whatever his old man wished, he found himself walking inside their enemy line as the ‘wolf in sheep’s skin.’ Until the perfect day to finally kill their nemesis came. With his skill and his gun in his hand, he couldn’t be more ready.

But what if the door of the room he was hiding on suddenly opened? Surprised about what happened, he wasn’t able to take his eyes from the beauty that instantly appeared on that door. Sexy, murderous, and worst of all, fully naked!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the ballerina, Margaux, the only woman in this world he wasn’t supposed to love at all.


Tags: ForbiddenSexDominantBadboyKinkyKickass HeroineMafiaBeastMillionairessBxG
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No Identity

MARGAUX'S back bounced against her bed after that free fall.

She remained to stare at the ceiling for a while as if waiting for something to appear there. Her confused eyes were not even blinking a bit. She then let out a pursed her lips, thinking, 'Why can't I find any information about Rome?'

She had wasted her whole day ……