Off Limits (Family Secrets: Book 4)

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Luka Alexeev

I’m Nikolai Vasiliev’s second-in-command and best friend. I’ve been withholding a dark secret from him. I’ve been lusting after his sister.
‘The Princess’
My Babygirl.
She’s the forbidden fruit I’ve been dying to sink my teeth into.
I want to taste the never before touched innocence on my tongue.
I’m supposed to protect her, but who’s going to protect her from me?
She comes to me for a favor—something that could very well get me killed.
To take her virginity.
I know it’s wrong, but my beast won’t be satisfied until he has her.
Just one time I tell myself.
She became my secret.
A forbidden fruit I wasn’t supposed to taste.
I corrupted her innocence, but she tore into my heart. She would always be worth it, even if I had to endure a little bit of pain—even if I died for it.

Anna Vasiliev

I’m the younger sister of Nikolai Vasiliev—Russian Boss.
I’m known as ‘The Princess’ to most, but to Luka Alexeev I’m Babygirl.
His Babygirl.
I want to give him all of me.
He keeps denying me, only making me crave him more.
My brother appointed him as my bodyguard—big mistake on his part. He didn’t count on me falling in love with his best friend.
Who’s going to be there to catch me before I fall, or protect me if he breaks my heart?
I guess that’s a risk I’m just going to have to take.


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I glanced over to Luka as everyone ate their dinner. My fingers brushed against his thigh making him choke on his drink. I loved getting him all riled up because that meant one thing…he became Papa Luka.

“Anna,” He hissed under his breath as my fingers trailed up to his zipper. “I’m two seconds from taking you to the be……