Twin Love [GirlxGirl]

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My twin sister and I were total opposites; it showed in our appearance, it showed in our behavior, but our dissimilarities never changed the love we had for each other, but can two new lovers change our forbidden love? Three girls and one the side get involved in a crazy love triangle and their dramatic affair turns for the worst. Confused between love and lust and their own intense problems, the good girls turn bad. Anything can happen when you're fucking your sister.

⚠️. Sexual themes &; Graphic description: Can You Handle It?
-- The Love Series: Forbidden Romance
---Check out: Twisted Love. Forced Love.

Wattpad Comments: ''Three words: Intense, Beautiful, and Depressing! Loved it, made me want to cry...'' -- "Omg I'm literally sobbing at"


Tags: DarkForbiddenLove-triangleSexPsychoDramaTragedyTwistedGxGBi
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Twin Love - Chapter 34 : The Final Chapter

Tina lay there, lifeless. She had killed herself. Everything had unraveled into nothing. I didn’t cry, I couldn’t cry. I didn’t even shed a tear. In those minutes I felt myself become cold. How had I become the only one living, how did this situation end up in death and how was I goi……