The Alpha Female

Twyllie Vampire/Werewolf

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As the daughter of one of the strongest Alphas, Isabelle El Bridge is many things. With three overprotective brothers, Isabelle is free spirited, headstrong and stubborn. She refuses to be told what to do and is well known for her fiery temper.

Her life changes when she sneaks into her father's meeting with the most vicious, heartless and cruel Alpha. Isabelle expects him to kill her but what happens when they realize they're mates?


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Chapter 25

Darkness yet again engulfed Isabelle. She felt numb. Yet, there was an aching feeling in her abdomen. It felt like something was wrong with it. Isabelle's eyes felt so heavy. She couldn't lift them.

"Isabelle?" Someone called out to her. The voice sent delicious jolts through her body.

Isabelle forced her eyes o……