The Alpha Female

Twyllie Other

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Isabelle is the daughter of one of the strongest Alphas, and Gavin alpha of the cruellest werewolf pack.
Isabelle comes from an overprotective family, but Gavin lost his parents at a young age.
Isabelle is always happy, loud and mischievous, but Gavin is short-spoken, heartless and gets angry easily.
When he learns that the petite girl is his mate, he becomes possessive and beyond overprotective.
So Isabelle has been trying all she could do to hide one secret from him – she has an ex who is now her best friend.
"You did have a relationship with that pup, don’t you?"
"What? Nathan? No!" She lied to him, again and again.
But still, one day he gets to know it. And she barely had time to react when Gavin flung himself to her ex.
How does Gavin feel when he finds that Isabelle has been lying to him?
Will the ruthless alpha kill Isabelle’s ex?
What will Isabelle do?


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