Werewolf Fightclub


sedwinbaatjies Fantasy

14 reads

Jessica a young workaholic marketing executive feels that she has just met the love of her life, Roger, he is extremely attractive and ticks all of her personality boxes. After a night of passion, she wakes one morning to find Roger covered in blood. she screams hysterically thinking he is dead but he grabs her arms, looks deep into her eyes, and tells her calmly, "Jessica, the blood is not mine."


Tags: dramaseriousscarystraightambitiouswittysupernaturalStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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You never gave me a choice!

Roger makes his way to Jason's home. He can't stop thinking about his mother and the last time he saw her. Suddenly his mind is invaded by Aiden. "Roger my good friend, you have been quiet these last few days. I think it's time for another round." "Where and when?" Aiden is taken aback by Roger's aggressive tone. " "Thursday morning 3 am, at th……


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