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'Archer what are you doing here?’ Karen asked, shyly
'I came to see you silly' Archer replied, taking her into his arms in a loving embrace.
Karen was his sweetheart and even though a guest in her parent's home, Archer ensured he enjoyed his time with her whenever he could.
He leaned in, his lips enveloping hers in a deep and passionate kiss that left her breathless and bothered; her first kiss, her desires awakened.
Will young Karen fall to Archer's bad boy antics? or will she discover her true self as she grows up? What future awaits Karen and Archer? Where do the Reynold brothers come in? Will she fall for Ephraim or Kyle? Is this a tell tale romance or will there be some whirlwind detours along the way?

Follow Karen's love story in......Memories Forever© by NGY©


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