Teach Me How to Love

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"Jade, I'm sorry. The boy in the car with you didn't make it."
The words were like daggers. Danny, the only guy to steal my heart, had left me in this car crash. My heart stopped, and I made a promise to myself that day: I would never love again.

Jade Leckson, a 17 year-old girl has suffered heartbreak in watching her boyfriend of 4 years die right before her eyes. She's given up all hope on love, afraid to love again. Her mother uproots her life and moves cities in hopes of giving her a life.
Then Miles Centon comes along. He reaches out to Jade, teaches her to love and let go of her past. After months of tears and heartbreak, Jade continues to struggle to forget, and hopelessly wishes to fall in love just like Miles had for her.


Tags: Internal JourneySecond ChanceHighschoolDramaSweet
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